Artist Introduction – Sakari Koskenalho

Sakari Koskenalho is an artist with a deep connection to the sea and the wind. He lives in Kemiönsaari, Finland and spends half of the year on his sailboat, living on water. This experience has given him a unique perspective on the world. The sea and wind are not only environmental elements for Sakari, but his friends and partners. The influence of these forces of nature can be seen in his paintings, where they are often prominently featured.

Sakari tells about himself:

I was born in Helsinki in 1951. Since then, I have led a busy life; I have had several dozen permanent residences, both in Finland and abroad. In recent years, I have lived on Kemiönsaari during the winter and on my small sailboat during the summer, which serves as a mobile home and satisfies my need to move.

When I was young, I studied art painting and the life as an artist, the latter with good results. I participated in numerous group exhibitions and organised solo exhibitions in Finland and abroad. At the urging of a friend, I then switched to working with sturdier materials and worked as a blacksmith creating both artistic and traditional metalwork for a long time. But eventually, I had to put down the hammer and I returned to the brush and canvas.

I’m always on the way.

Photo: Jari Laamanen

In addition to the connection with nature, Sakari gets his inspiration from the work of certain artists who remained unknown or who appeared under pseudonyms, also outside of pictorial expression. This can be seen in his works as details and sometimes also as more or less distinctive elements. Sakari follows the latest developments in the art world and is generally interested in less conventional forms of expression.

One common feature of Sakari’s works is the proliferation of perspectives. The works are aesthetically pleasing and intellectually refreshing. He continues to push the boundaries of contemporary painting and has developed his own unique style that is visually striking and stimulating.

Whether he’s painting the sea and the wind or exploring more abstract concepts, Sakari’s work is always thought-provoking and engaging.